Lena Sheveleva (Cardiff University) 23.3.2023

V rámci Research Seminar Series in Economics máme tu čest, že nám ve čtvrtek 23.3.2023 od 12:45 do 14:15 v místnosti RB437 bude přednášet dr. Lena Sheveleva (Cardiff University) o svém výzkumném projektu s názvem „Multi-product Exporters: Facts and Fiction“.

BIO: Lena Sheveleva has received her Ph.D. from Penn State University and has worked at Cardiff University since. Her research areas include International Development and International Trade and Development. More recently she became interested in labour economics and the economics of incentives.

ABSTRACT:  In this paper, we propose a statistical model to characterize the null hypothesis of the random product size for multi-product exporters. It serves as a benchmark to test the empirical facts and model predictions about multi-product exporters. Our contribution is to show that a number of stylized facts characterizing multi-product exporters and used to motivate such theories as core-competencies, productivity being a driver of both scope and scale, and economies of scope among others, are spurious. The benchmark model provides alternative moments to test the validity of these theories.